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We are a small, locally owned, family run business with a core belief and focus on maximizing each individual customer's player quality and satisfaction!

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Small, Locally Owned, Family Business

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In terms of equipment, our philosophy “Always custom—never standard” is a stark contrast to that of our big box competitors focused on quantity vs quality.

We have been fielding increased calls and emails from our loyal customers regarding Richmond’s new national fitting chain. First and foremost, we appreciate everyone’s concerns regarding our new competition, and we are extremely humbled as the overall consensus has been supporting local versus this new national chain. We do not plan on changing anything regarding our current customer service philosophy or pricing, and thought it would be best to better clarify our operation vs this new national chain. All of the information below remains unchanged (as does our pricing) and can be found in more detail on our website.

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  1. We charge a fitting fee per session which we then discount, depending upon your purchase amount. During most fitting sessions our customers are so pleased with the process that we end up fitting for other equipment, if requested and if time allows. Our fitting fee structure is not based on just a specific type of equipment i.e. iron only fitting with our fitting rates still being less than their current promotional rates.

  2. As always, our fittings include a free follow-up fitting. Once you have had a chance to “break in” your new custom clubs, simply set up your complimentary follow-up fitting where we can “tweak” and/or adjust them as needed. During the complimentary follow-up fitting, we generally spend additional time fitting you for other equipment if needed/requested. This philosophy allows us to have an on-going relationship with our customers to help them along as their game improves. We have been providing this service from the start and this is a primary reason why customers have been coming back to us for over 20 years. Hodson Golf absolutely does not take the one-and-done approach.

  3. We fit outdoors, primarily on grass (mid-December and we are still on grass!), utilizing a state-of-the-art launch monitor to track/analyze actual ball flight. During inclement weather, we do offer both covered bays and an indoor/outdoor bay, but full visual ball flight is always utilized. Sorry, call us old school, but we are not fans of hitting off of artificial mats into a simulated indoor screen.

  4. We are a small, local, family-owned business and I personally have been fitting for over 20 years. I am third generation in the golf industry, with my grandfather having starting it all back in the 20’s (Bert Hodson – 1931 Ryder Cup Player). I have PGA Tour repair experience and we complete all of our custom repairs out of our full blown Tour Trailer that saw many years of action on the PGA Tour. Our youngest staff member is my son Drew Hodson who is now our 4th generation club-maker!

  5. We strive to put you into the best equipment, at the best value, with our prices being competitive to any “big box” or national chain. Although we have an extensive selection of exotic/boutique components and shafts that you may have never heard of (many not even offered by our competitors) we don’t push these items just to inflate the sale price. We also do not keep loads of stock on hand that we would feel obligated to unload onto customers, just to “clear it out.” We are brand-agnostic fitters and strive to put you into the best equipment at the best price for YOUR game, regardless of the brand.

  6. Our lead fitter Robert, who began his career as a PGA Golf Professional back in 1992, brings his instructional expertise to the fitting process, which is invaluable. In short, during your fitting with us, you will be working with some seriously experienced and qualified professionals, not just hourly paid employees (often an unofficial “lesson” comes with your fitting).

  7. Although the Club Champion outfit as a whole (70 +/- locations) has been listed as a Golf Digest top 100 clubfitting operation, I personally have received this honorable designation since they first started this list back in 2010.

  8. In summary, I just wanted to clarify the questions and concerns that we increasingly being asked regarding our competition. Personally, I think it’s great that Club Champion Golf is advertising and heavily promoting the benefits of custom fitting, which we wholeheartedly support for golfers of all skill levels. As always, we thank our customers for their continued support and will continue to do our best to provide the best service and equipment to each and every golfer we serve.

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