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Company (Shop) Name: Hodson Golf LLC

Contact Person: Andrew Hodson

Address: c/o Independence Golf Club, 600 Founders Bridge Blvd, Midlothian, VA 23113

Phone #: 804-475-6311

Email: andrew@hodsongolf.com

Website: www.hodsongolf.com

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History – Bio Info:

Hodson Golf is owned and operated by Andrew Hodson who is a third generation clubmaker/fitter heralding from a professional golfing lineage which spans back to my grandfather Bert Hodson who played in the 1931 Ryder Cup.  Although we have come a long way from those early days back in Wales, Hodson Golf is on the cutting edge of today’s ever changing golf environment. Hodson Golf is constantly evolving its product line and utilizes the latest technology in its fitting process. Hodson Golf utilizes one of the areas only doppler radar based launch monitors at our private indoor/outdoor fitting studio complete with real grass, real greens, real bunkers, and real balls. We don’t use nets and we use real golf balls during our fittings (not those rocks used at most driving ranges). Hodson Golf brings PGA Tour Repair experience to our fitting and club-building experience, where our customers get the same service provided to touring pro’s at most PGA Tour events. Not only can you get professionally fit from a Golf Digest “America’s 100 best clubfitters” , you can then come into our PGA Tour trailer and watch us actually build YOUR club! Hodson Golf is proud of our established connections to the PGA Tour and to our manufacturers, which allows us to receive pre-release “Tour Prototype” heads and shafts which we routinely incorporate into our fitting process and product offerings. Custom fittings are scheduled by appointment only at our private facility (not available to the public). Hodson Golf also operates 2 tour trailers which services various professional and amateur events within the Mid-Atlantic Region. Please visit our website for more information regarding our services, products, events, and tournament schedule.


ANDREW HODSON  – I am the youngest with in a golfing family which has spanned three generations. My grandfather started the tradition in England (Bert Hodson-1931 Ryder Cup Team) and has since passed on his knowledge and love of the game. Although I did not follow in the steps of my father and grandfather on a professional golfing level, my love of the game and commitment to accurately fit equipment has only grown. Even as a kid I enjoyed re-gripping clubs which eventually led to refinishing wood heads, re-shafting, and now has culminated in more detailed custom club fitting, building, and repair.

PETER HODSON – Born in England, Peter is a member of both the PGA of America and the British PGA. Peter’s expertise in teaching and more accurately determining the benefits and weaknesses of an individuals swing/club profile is infallible. Apart from being a Professional Golfer for over 40 years, Peter has played at most of the top courses around the world and is currently a member of the Dewar’s Hall of Fame, and past president of the Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA. Peter has received numerous awards and honers including the 1994 PGA Presidents award, 2 time recipient of The Bill Strausbaugh Club Relations Award, and the 1984 Professional of the year award.
I have known Robert since I was a kid growing up together at Willow Oaks Country Club. Robert has always had a true passion from the game and brings his love and talent for instruction to Hodson Golf. It’s great to watch him give a few pointers (and in some cases full blown lessons) during our fittings as it’s like watching my father teach back in the day (Robert still utilizes a lot of my fathers teaching methods). Robert and I typically work hand in hand during our fittings and he is the “real deal”.
Robert began building his golf knowledge at age 14 under the tutelage of the Willow Oaks CC Head Golf Professional,  Peter Hodson (Andrew’s father).  He built upon the foundation of principles acquired from Mr. Hodson and began a career as a PGA golf professional in 1992 under the direction of Class A PGA Professionals, Scott Letien and Carl Filipowicz.  Robert is excited for the opportunity to work with an old friend and help golfers at all skill levels get the most out of their golf experiences.



Eric has grown up in a golf family and has worked in golf since he was a young boy. While working as an Independent Teaching Professional and Titleist Product Specialist, he cultured his teaching philosophy and equipment fitting skill sets. He has fit a wide variety of playing abilities from novice players to accomplished and winning golf professionals at the top facilities in Western PA, West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, California, and Las Vegas.

Eric worked at the Pennsylvania Golf Academy for two years as an Independent contractor. While there he administered a variety of lesson types. He was able to teach golfers with playing abilities ranging from novice players, top juniors, accomplished amateurs and winning golf professionals. The reviews received confirmed his teaching ability. Working alongside top PGA teaching professionals in the greater Pittsburgh area (Gene Walter, Tim Nypaver, amongst others), fostered tremendous growth in Eric’s teaching philosophy and techniques.

As an Assistant Professional at Fox Chapel Golf Club for approximately 5 years he worked under Alex Childs. Alex, a second generation Golf Professional, was a huge mentor and influence in Eric’s development as a golf professional. Through his time at Fox Chapel he was part of a team that managed and assisted in the operation of one of the PGA Champions Tour Major Championships, the Constellation Senior Players.

This time at Fox Chapel allowed opportunities to teach ladies’ clinics, junior clinics and individual lessons which sparked a great interest within him to help others learn not only to play but to uncover how great the game of golf truly is. Player development became his true passion in the golf industry through instruction, equipment fitting and analysis.  The overall experience at Fox Chapel readied Eric to progress in the industry on his own. In the winter of 2010, Eric attained his PGA Class “A” Membership with the PGA.

As an Apprentice Professional at Westmoreland Country Club, Eric received the recognition of 2009 Tri-State PGA Assistant of the year.  Working under Bobby Gordon, PGA and Debbie Gordon, LPGA greatly influenced his customer service experience. The main areas of responsibility at Westmoreland consisted of merchandising, junior golf and individual instruction.


I have known Kelly for many years and we all here at Hodson Golf are excited to have him on-board as a staff fitter. Kelly has just completed a state of the art indoor fitting/teaching studio at Independence. Being able to utilize our unique and extensive fitting system, along with his state of the art launch monitor (both indoors and outside on the range), will allow Kelly to continue our tradition of a professional and thorough custom fitting. Due to Kelly’s busy schedule with teaching,  he will have limited availability for fitting so please contact us to schedule a private session with Kelly at Independence Golf Club.

About Kelly Hall

A Class “A” Professional for over 20 years, Kelly has spent time in Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and Florida during his career.  He has worked at public, resort and private facilities, giving him a wealth of experience and knowledge due to the differences of each type of property and location.  He brings the best of those experiences to Independence along with fresh ideas for where the game is going in the future.

A Pennsylvania native, Kelly began his golf life playing around the yard to homemade “greens” with only a 9 iron.  His first job was at the local public course in the bag room cleaning clubs and carts.  Were it not for John Kulhamer, his first pro and boss, he would not be a pro today.  Fast forward over 30 years and you can now see the culmination of a love of the game, a desire to help others and a wealth of experience in one glance of his eyes.  25 plus years of teaching have made those eyes keen and taught him a lot about how people learn.  But today’s golf industry is much different than those early days, so to be relevant, you have to evolve with your clients.  Kelly has stayed current with today’s industry and offers video analysis, non-traditional learning environments and on course evaluations.

He is also a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Instructor.  The TPI Certification program is an evidence based, educational pathway designed to teach industry professionals how to increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing.  This concept is called the Body-Swing Connection™.