Current Fitting Fee = $150 (please read below)
  • Our current  launch monitor fitting fee is $150 per hour, with a portion (depending upon purchase amount) going towards your custom equipment purchase or repair/re-shafting (Fitting fee credit based on purchase amount and length of time of the fitting). Our fitting fee also includes a complimentary follow up fitting once you have had a chance to break in the new clubs. During the follow up we will check and make sure everything is ideally performing and we can make any adjustments as needed. Please be upfront and honest with us regarding what type of fitting you are interested in so that we can allocate enough time and maximize your time with us during the allocated fitting session.
  • We will reply to confirm all fittings, along with directions.
  • Seasonal Issues: Due to the winter time change we typically don’t fit past 4:00. In the heat of summer we will begin limiting our outdoor fitting times in the late afternoons/evenings due to the higher propensity for storms and/or if its just miserably hot/humid (ie. we book more in the mornings to early afternoons in the summer months). 
  • We will email you directions. Please be sure to follow our directions,  vs gps, as the location is a bit tricky and gps usually gets it wrong.
  • If foul weather/storms/snow/etc. does not accommodate we will contact you the day before to re-schedule.