We field a lot of calls and emails regarding our private fittings so we thought it would be a good idea to list out details and questions/answers to help clear up the fitting process. This will also help you prepare for your fitting while also understanding what the process entails and what you can expect prior to, during, and after your custom fitting.








“So how long will it take me to get my new custom clubs? I’m playing in a match next week and would love to have them”

-We pretty much get this one every time. Turnaround can vary, especially during the busy season, but 2 weeks is about typical. The biggest advantage that we have is the ability to actually build out of our tour trailer, while also placing our custom orders directly through each OEM’s custom department (so that all builds are automatically expedited).  We can also place VIP rush orders with most vendors for 48-72 hours builds ($$$).

“I want to make sure I’m playing my best golf before I get a fitting so should I start taking some lessons first and then come see you?”

-Another question we get a lot. Hands down, get the fitting first! Once you have properly fit equipment then go see your professional to work on your swing.  If poorly fit equipment is potentially the cause of your struggling game (most often it is)  then why waste money on instruction?

“I’m generally a very cheap person and would like to come to you for a full fitting so that I can take my specs elsewhere and get my clubs online or at my local big box. When can I reserve a fitting?”

-Seriously?  We typically only fit for custom clubs built and/or ordered through Hodson Golf (which are the same MAP pricing that you will find in any “big box”).

“I’m so nervous about getting a fitting because I don’t think I’m good enough”

-Listen, we fit everyone from tour players to the beginner and, regardless of your ability, we take so much enjoyment seeing everyone improve once they come to see us – regardless of your current ability. Not only do we have years (actually generations) of experience fitting, we also come from the professional teaching side of things, so most of our beginners actually come away with free instruction.

“My son tries out for his high school golf team next week and I’d like to get him in for all new custom clubs before his try outs start.  His current clubs are just way too short and they are my old hand-me-downs”

-We prioritize all juniors for fitting availability (with discounted junior fitting fees) but we don’t work miracles (please refer to question 2 regarding turnaround).  Please give us ample time to properly fit the juniors and to have a sufficient window for him/her to get their new clubs while also giving them time to “break them in” before competitive play.

“I’m not good enough to get custom fit

AAARRRGGHHH !!!!!! – (We hear this far too often). Custom clubs actually benefit the higher handicappers MORE than the low handicappers.

“I can’t afford custom clubs”

– Our prices are the same MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) that you will find in any big box. Most people who come to us after having bought off the shelf clubs (big box stores), end up spending more to have their clubs correctly adjusted (bent, re-shafted, re-gripped, etc) than they would have if they had come to us initially.

“Does a fitting only apply to new custom made clubs?”

—NO! In many cases we can adjust your existing clubs to better fit your swing profile (depending on season/availability, we typically prioritize fittings for new clubs).

I see golfers in the indoor fitting bays at my local big box golf outlet—what is the difference between you and them?”

We conduct our fittings outdoors and, in most cases, off of real grass (not indoor mats & hitting into a net). We are also not some hourly employee just there to punch a time card. We take an honest and professional approach to each fitting the same way my grandfather did it back in the 20’s!