Please fill out our questionnaire and Information request form which will help us to more efficiently perform your fitting. Not only will this give us valuable information prior to your fitting, it will help us to work within your individual budget. This will also allow us to allocate enough time for your fitting.

  • We will email you confirmation of your fitting day/time and directions to our location. Please follow OUR directions (vs your GPS) if coming to our UofR location, which can be a bit tricky to find.


  • Please feel free to arrive a bit early to warm up. We understand that some of you are driving from various lengthy distances, so please give your self adequate time to travel. On the same note, please don’t arrive so early that, by the time you start your fitting, you are worn out from hitting balls (ESPECIALLY DURING THE HEAT). We understand that those of you driving distances over an hour my arrive much earlier than anticipated. We have multiple putting and chipping greens, as well as a lounge, where you can spend time so that you are not just “beating balls” for over an hour and exerting yourself before you’ve even started your fitting.


  • Please bring your current clubs to warm up with. It is also helpful for us to take a look and spec out your current equipment to better help us during your fitting.


  • Please let us know if you have any particular needs or requests (ESPECIALLY LEFTY’S)


  • Please don’t over-do practicing or playing just prior to the fitting.  We often have players show up struggling with blisters or sore backs etc. Bring your normal game and we will build off of that.