As a premier custom fitter we do not carry a typical inventory of “stock clubs”. Everything we fit for is either custom built by us or custom ordered through various OEM to our custom specifications. As a top 100 fitter for most OEM’s our custom orders are expedited and in many cases can be built/shipped within a matter of days with our VIP service (typically $100-$150 upcharge). As we do carry an extensive selection of heads/components if we do have the necessary components in stock, custom clubs can also be built within a matter of days. Please click here for  our Fitting and Repair services.

Superspeed Packages (Men, Women, Senior, Junior) = NEW!

As always Hodson Golf has narrowed down  the latest equipment which meets our stringent performance criteria. We utilize launch monitor testing, player performance testing, and independent third-party industry testing to narrow down the best possible combination of head, shaft, and grip for each individual golfer. We are not the shop that pushes a particular brand or product because one of our employees may be a staff player for a certain brand or because we get cash incentives (more commonly known as “spiffs” in the business) to sell a certain model or product. Most people are shocked to find out that most of the big brands in equipment actually pay those hourly employees in the big box stores to push their product. So next time your in the “big box” store looking at equipment and the sales associate is pushing the world’s greatest driver on you, simply ask him/her how much of a cash spiff they are getting for each one of those drivers they sell.  It’s pretty much a given that when you are fit for equipment through us, you will probably end up with an assortment of clubs from various manufacturers.  We have a responsibility to fit and build you the optimum equipment for YOUR ability regardless of who they may be made or manufactured by.

Hodson Golf is a proud dealer/distributor for a wide variety of head, shaft, and grip manufacturers. Due to our past experience we also receive various “prototypes” and/or Tour Issue product’s  to test prior to those products coming to market. Please follow us as we are continually posting results from these product testing sessions.

Please note this list does change so please check back for updates. 

OEM Heads Offered (but not limited to)

callaway golf






Oban golf shafts

mitsubishi Rayon Golf Shafts
Mitsibishi Rayon Shafts
Aerotech Steelfiber Authorized Dealer
Aerotech Steelfiber Authorized Dealer

Graphite Design Authorized Dealer

There are some great sites aimed specifically for the gearheads that want the absolutely most up-to-date information regarding the most current prototype clubs being tested (and in design) for the various tour players. These sites are also great resources for all kinds of aspects of the game and it’s equipment.

Unlike pretty much every other custom operation, I do not cater (or push) a particular brand or manufacturer. We have the capabilities of thoroughly testing all products in most cases before they even come to market. We have direct ties to sources on the various tour’s where most products are introduced (as prototypes) and thoroughly tested for performance before being mass produced for the general market. We then narrow down the best performing products and focus on them for our fittings and custom club building. When you schedule a fitting with us you WILL NOT spend 2 hours hitting every conceivable driver from every manufacturer. This just wastes both yours and my time.
I fortunately have had the opportunity to visit manufacturing centers and corporate headquarters and the technology that is available is quite unbelievable. Up until recently engineers would design a club using primarily an autocad platform. Once a design has been narrowed down then the file would be sent to manufacturing centers (in china) where a limited amount would be built and then shipped back to the U.S. for laboratory and field testing. I was amazed to see on my recent trip to Adams Golf Headquarters that they actually have a 3D printer which can actually print off a 100% identical plastic cast of the actual head that they just designed. These advances have allowed manufacturers to bring new product to market much quicker and (in most cases) better performing due to design. The only drawback to this is the absolutely frustrating amount of new product lines that manufactures are now releasing each year. How annoying is it to go buy a brand new “just released” driver only to find out that in a few short months that manufacturer is releasing yet another driver (and we all know what manufacturer I’m talking about).
Again, because of our contacts & testing capabilities we narrow the field considerably and focus only on the best. It’s pretty much the standard that if someone comes to us for a full bag fitting they will probably walk away with a full bag of clubs from an assortment of different manufacturers

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