As a premier custom fitter we do not carry a typical inventory of “stock clubs”. Everything we fit for is either custom built by us or custom ordered through various OEM to our custom specifications. As a top 100 fitter for most OEM’s our custom orders are expedited and in many cases can be built/shipped within a matter of days with our VIP service (typically $100-$150 upcharge). As we do carry an extensive selection of heads/components if we do have the necessary components in stock, custom clubs can also be built within a matter of days. Please click here for  our Fitting and Repair services.

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We custom fit and build for most all of the O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and being a Top 100 Fitter we typically have access to services not afforded to most competitors and certainly not to the “Big Box” outfits. We also specialize in offering more unique “boutique” clubs and components from overseas for those gearheads out there that have more discerning tastes. If you have a particular question in regards to any product or component that we may offer or custom fit for please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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