Hodson Golf also utilizes two authentic tour trailers, which allows us to bring our extensive PGA Tour repair expertise and experience to our most valuable customers. Hodson Golf is proud to be the region’s largest boutique shaft, grip, and head provider and have, at our disposal, many offerings typically found only on the PGA Tour Trailers. When it comes to professional/custom repairs, we can pretty much do it all (and we do it right the first time, unlike the hourly guys at the local big box). As a premier custom club-maker we have a wide variety of high-end shafts in stock for the more discerning golfer.

We are proud to offer the largest selection of premium driver shafts currently available. Our driver fitting system allows us to utilize all of our shafts in most driver heads currently available for even greater selection. Due to our extensive offerings of both head and shaft combinations, If your desired fitting involves a driver please fill out the questionnaire in the contact form  to help us serve you more efficiently. Our current shaft offerings can be categorized as the following:(1) Base and/or Stock shaft offerings per Manufacturer (2) Moderate shaft offerings (typically add $50-$150 to base driver range (1) above (3) Premium shaft offerings including most high-end Japanese & prototypes (typically add $150-$1,000 to base driver range (1) above ($250-$300 is about average).Knowing beforehand your anticipated driver budget will help us to better narrow down the best shaft offerings for your individual swing profile within your budget range. We currently have over 100 individual driver shafts in our fitting system ranging from $0 upcharge to $1,000 upcharge.  As always, a portion (if not all) of the launch monitor fitting fee will be included in the price of your new driver or reshaft. Also, knowing your budget and/or shaft interest, will help us to allocate enough time to your fitting as premium shaft fittings typically take more time for calibration and/or analysis.