ANDREW HODSON  – I have been in this business since I was a kid and have fond memories of being taught how to re-grip clubs when I was nine (my father would pay me a whole $.25 per grip!) This soon progressed to most facets of club repair and by the time I was 14 I had a full blown business re-finishing persimmon & laminate wood heads for most of the local country clubs (special thanks to Ed King who taught me to re-finish and helped me set up my first repair operation in my parents basement). Although I did not follow in the steps of my father and grandfather on a professional golfing level, my love of the game and commitment to accurately fit equipment has only grown. My focus these days is fitting and I am proud to be a top 100 fitter for most brands in addition to sitting on Callaway Golf’s International fitters board. I have been honored to receive the Top-100 fitters designation from Golf Digest ever since they began this prestigious ranking back in 2010. I have PGA Tour repair experience and own/operate a true PGA Tour Trailer complete with all the modern-day gadgets needed to professional “tweak” and upgrade the modern day heads.


I have known Robert since I was a kid growing up at Willow Oaks Country Club under the tutelage of my father Peter Hodson. Robert has always had a true passion from the game and brings his love and talent for instruction and fitting to Hodson Golf. Although Robert is an accomplished instructor with over 28 years of experience, he has been our lead fitter for years. It’s truly refreshing to have someone so passionate and knowledgeable about the game heading up our key ingredient – Focused Individual Fittings .    

DREW HODSON – The youngest of our clan, Drew has been our head club-maker and repair technician for more than 3 years. Like myself, Drew has been involved with club-making since he was a kid and is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable and rounded repair and club-making guy you will find. Drew is an avid skateboarder and artist when he finds time between building/repairing and earning his business degree from VCU.

PETER HODSON – Born in England, Peter is a member of both the PGA of America and the British PGA. Peter’s expertise in teaching and more accurately determining the benefits and weaknesses of an individuals swing/club profile is infallible. Apart from being a Professional Golfer for over 40 years, Peter has played at most of the top courses around the world and is currently a member of the Dewar’s Hall of Fame, and past president of the Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA. Peter has received numerous awards and honers including the 1994 PGA Presidents award, 2 time recipient of The Bill Strausbaugh Club Relations Award, and the 1984 Professional of the year award.