The impatient golfer & Hodson Golf

As long as I’ve been doing this, I understand, better than anyone, the impatience golfers have in regards to getting new equipment (and I’m the same way) . I only write this as I’ve been fielding some downright rude emails and phone messages regarding availability. Please understand that custom fittings are performed by our staff of 3 (me, myself, and I). We are currently booked several weeks out and continually have 40+ people on our weekly availability email. If its any consolation last Spring we were booked nearly…

Hodson Golf exclusive XXIO Regional Fitter/Dealer

Hodson Golf is proud to be the latest U.S. dealer for this exclusive premium Japanese lineup. Their new XXIO Prime series feature some of the lightest components available which are solely designed for faster head speed, faster ball speed, higher launch, and significantly more distance for the “Moderate” swinging golfer. FUN FACTS: XXIO is currently the fastest growing golf equipment brand in the U.S. XXIO is designed specifically for players with “Moderate” swing speeds, where “Moderate” is considered in the low 70’s to 80’s  50% of XXIO equipment…

Not your typical water hazard-care of Paul Kelly, Glendenning Golf

I wanted to share some pics just sent to me. At the recent Callaway Hall of Fame event I had the opportunity to share some great times with Paul Kelly who hails from Glendenning GC in Saint Johns, Newfoundland. I’ll let him explain it: “Just thought I would share a picture of our water hazards.  These giant Ice Bergs show up every year around this time as they drift south from Greenland, past Newfoundland and into to open water.  This route is known as Ice Berg…


We are excited to have the “best of the best” vendors showcasing the hottest clubs in golf. There are very few reserved spots left so if you want some quality launch monitor time with a certain vendor be sure to pre-register/pay now ($75 fee is applied in full to any purchase). Please note that due to demand and upcoming release of the new PXG wood/fairway/hybrid line-all booked/private PXG times have been re-scheduled.

Callaway Epic statistical results! – the numbers don’t lie!!

This goes out to all you naysers out there who think the Callaway Epic driver furvor on the internet is just a bunch of hype. I was proud to host a Callaway regional “Epic” event yesterday at Independence where 60+ representatives from all aspects of the regional golf community (Big Box, Green Grass, Mom+Pop, etc.) attended for a fun-filled afternoon of classroom and hands-on outdoor stations including wedge fittings, iron fittings, and driver/epic fitting/challenge. The photo of the epic driver challenge results (which is proudly…

New ping g812 junior drivers now available-Stay tuned for a special upcoming junior event at Independence!

This is the perfect driver for the aspiring junior golfer who is ready to get out of the typical cheap junior drivers but who is not quite ready for standard men’s or women’s drivers. There are several lengths available and can significantly improve driver distance and control performance for those junior stars as young as 8. We have a limited quantity available so please contact us asap to put that special gift under the tree.

EvnRoll wins 2017 most wanted blade putter!

So I literally just finished meeting with Guerin Rife up here in beautiful Vista CA (sorry but sunset photo from last night attached). Only to be told the great news by the man himself. Keep posted for another upcoming EvnRoll putter fitting event to be held very soon (if I come back :))