Epic Flash – Forward!

The new Epic Flash is killing it so we encourage all of our loyal customers to Flash Forward for the spring. Our own launch monitor data supports what is going on now on all tours – Higher ball speed, tighter dispersion, more distance. From Callaway Tour Staff: PGA Tour: We were the #1 Driver at the Genesis Open. Our Tour Reps have told us that players are impressed by the ball speed gains and tighter dispersion that they’re seeing in testing and inside the ropes.…

Accra Tour (TZ5 AND TZ6) – Official “spin killers”

For all of you hard hitting spinny guys out there who have been on the never ending hunt trying to find a shaft that will cut down on the spin (but doesn’t feel like your swinging a piece of rebar) – LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE NEW ACCRA TZ5 & TZ6 TOUR LINE SHAFT SERIES. Accra has always been synonymous in the “gearhead” world (and especially on tour) for producing some of the best quality high-modulus carbon graphite shafts in the business. Accra has taken…

Hodson Golf New Logo and New Mission for 2019 (special thanks to EdgeMark Partners!)

Hodson Golf would like to extend a special thanks to EdgeMark Partners here in Richmond, Virginia. This talented group has been working with us to re-vamp our brand and image for 2019. We are excited about the changes which we will be implementing, to include more staff, more hours, and upgraded facilities. We are also honored to have received national recognition, as Hodson Golf was recently ranked as one of the top 20 Callaway Accounts for custom club sales in the country.  

Mizuno Drivers take gold in 2019 Hot List (1st Time Ever!)

Over the last 3 years Mizuno has pumped an enormous amount of time and money into producing a contending driver (which is pretty tough to do in this market). Well I guess their efforts have paid off, as their 2019 driver line surpassed their expectations and took home gold this year. We have this awesome driver line in our current fitting lineup so contact us if you would like to give it a test run. The Golf Wire – Mizuno 

Flash alert! – Callaway Epic Flash now available for fitting! (great holiday gift idea ladies!)

Hate to rub it in to all the other local accounts but being on the Callaway National Fitters Board definitely has its advantages. We are the first to now have the Callaway Epic Flash drivers available for custom fitting only at Hodson Golf! This highly anticipated driver lineup won’t officially be releasing until next year so take advantage of this opportunity to be the first around to be fit into this game changing driver. For all of you out there that have the golfing fanatic…