Congrat’s Kuchar-another win for steelfiber iron shafts

The aerotech steelfiber shaft was my best performing composite shaft in 2012 and the same on the pga tour to date (3 years running). Each iron shaft has a premium graphite composite core wrapped w/ 59 MILES of steel fiber! Added distance + feel + workability. If you want more distance & tighter dispersion than your existing steel iron shafts then contact us for a fitting!

Fujikura “Tour Issue Only” Limited event-Postoned

Due to the weather forecast for Sunday we will be postponing this event (new date to be posted soon). Hodson Golf is proud to announce that we are now a limited TourSPX dealer for UST/Mamiya. We will soon be receiving some current tour-prototype shafts currently being tested on the PGA tour RIGHT NOW. Once these shafts are in-hand we will include these tour prototypes along with those from Fujikura for this event-stay tuned! On Sunday March 3th Hodson Golf will be hosting a limited pre-release event…

New Complimentary Bridgestone Ball analysis w/ all launch monitor fittings

Bridgestone has just released the industry’s most detailed analysis on custom ball fittings. Bridgestone compiled data from over 200,000 individual ball fittings which they provide year round at select events. Utilizing these numbers along with player testing on the tour, Hodson Golf can now input the numbers from your launch monitor fitting in order to determine your optimum ball. Hodson Golf will be providing this service free on all Launch Monitor fitting sessions.   New Complimentary Bridgestone Ball analysis w/ all launch monitor fittings

New Arrival – The Fujikura Fuel w/ visible “combustion chamber”

Fujikura has been fine tuning this bad boy from some time. Shaft technology has really had some dramatic changes over the last two years alone but this shaft takes things to the next level. I’ve copied a release from Fujikura below but in Lamens terms – this shaft is amazing.   Fujikura FUEL bursts into 2013 incorporating never before seen FUEL rod technology. The revolutionary advancements generate more power and speed, promote tighter dispersion and guarantee an increase in overall distance. “We are very excited…